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A Little Section of Me
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Date:2007-04-29 21:27

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Date:2006-12-23 14:25
Mood: optimistic

yay, i love my friends, thanks for the perk up megan! Besides, its christmas, well here anyway. no more stress till tomorrow. that and its single digits till i go up to duluth. yay, the end is in sight! Things have gotten better, like i knew they would. probably.

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Date:2006-12-22 15:07
Mood: gloomy

This sucks. ITS CHRISTMAS! i should be wonderfully giddy with excitement. but i cant be becausei know the moment i step inside that house here will be some other biing comment or shortcoming or SOMETHING thati didn't couldnt or shouldve done. that and i miss my boyfriend. horribly and pathetically. I just wish i could go home and feel like i could relax. and for the first few days it was fine, but last night it blew up, and i ended up crying after getting off the way too short phone call with my boyfriend. only for a second mind you, but i hate not being happy during the hols. especially since we have snow! you know, that white stuff we didn't think we'd get by christmas! but now i have to go back and help with the driveway...which i will probably be incompetent with helping with, and i just can't wait to see a friendly face. Love you guys! grr...

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Date:2006-09-28 19:53

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Date:2006-08-16 17:13
Subject:must rant, please excuse
Mood: pissed off

GGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! That woman drives me up the wall. i swear, if i was capable of hating someone, id hate her. she's such a difficult drunken hag. GGAAAA!
*deep breath*
I think i'm just a little stressed. My mom was denied on a cosign thing that shouldn't have happened, and im pretty sure its my fault...oops. so i emailed the bank, and am waiting for a response. i may need another cosigner and have no one really to ask. dad's got no credit, would die before i asked kevin, i was thinking of asking my aunt and uncle, but i can't find a reason for them to...and i move in less than a week. hurray.
add to that a wedding with all the fixings for a family disaster, and packing craziness, and we've got a worked up Kayse. oh, and i havent had a decent convo with my boyfriend in like a week. or me. God, thank God for megan! thanks for keeping me somewhat sane dear!
phew...feel kinda better...now i need to return to hell. hope to still be alive by the end of this weekend...if not, love you all.

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Date:2006-06-11 16:25

What type of Fae are you?

tee hee...close...but they did get it a bit backwards...usually i just can't choose which side is better/right...because both are equally valid to that person...

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Date:2006-05-06 10:26
Mood: chipper

yay for easy-going saturdays! it's 10:30 and I am still in my pj's . yay. I'm down in applevalley looking for summer jobs, no luck so far... sad i know. I wish i'd been more on the ball like michael and had one lined up for me...too bad. ok, there's a reason behind the whole really wanting a job thing. i really want to see my boyfriend. and we can't plan anything until we both have jobs and can plan accordingly. oh, and i still havent wished joe a belated birthday yet...must do that. should i wake him up? tempting...but no. he's probably up by now...oh well. alright, enough of my ramblings...wait, is there such a thing as too much rambling? hmm...something to ponder. yay. i so like that word...ponder...yay! oh, and apparently, i phase into valley girl speech on the phone...disturbing. i know. peter's called me on it more than once on the phone.

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Date:2006-04-06 14:51

It's sort of silly what you end up thinking between the hours of 2 and 5 in the morning. *sigh* I'm glad there are other people around to help translate my brain. That, and is it like, sacraligious or something to threaten God? Because i did. Its not the first time either. But if it helps, i thanked him profusly before i threatened him... oh well, He knows what i meant. It's a bit distracting to be so, well distracted by someone/thing. seriously. also, i just can't wait for Chucky's campaign next year. It's going to be so frickin' cool. I'm excited. but, need sleep. Haven't had more than , like 5 hours in the past 48. my eye is twitching. thats generally not good.

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Date:2006-04-04 09:31
Mood: sleepy

how did she know? she was right, if i'd have stayed up any later, i wouldnt have been coherrent enough to get through the day. yay for caving and scheduling a meeting with a prof. But its sad. I'm going through cell phone withdrawal. Dammit Bizkit! I want my phone back, NOW! ok. done. i'm going to chapel today for two reasons, a) get cell phone. b)hear boys sing, yay. and c) its been too long since ive gone to a non-i'm-singing-today-in-chapel churchish visit. need go.
so now i must go. not looking forward to the time space between chapel, and 2:30. icky.

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Date:2006-03-18 15:30
Subject:Best Opening Night Ever!
Mood: excited

ok, it can't be said any other way. Last night rocked the socks off people two blocks away. Everyone was just really pumped and looked great, projected fine... all that good stuff. Yay Butterfly's Evil Spell! Three hours till makeup call again, and i can't wait.

But i really gotta say that last night wouldn't have gone nearly as well, at least for me, if my very awesome friends hadn't given me a so great day before that. Yay friends! Take that, add chinese food, my sister driving 4 hours to see the show, and the day was just great.


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